Ink and Paper

Sure I had bought and peeled off gig posters from walls before but this was the first time I went to an exhibition to see them being appreciated as works of arts, they were described as by the best poster artists from the UK, US and EU.

INK & PAPER was a small exhibition just off Brick Lane at The Rag Factory, Friday was the opening night and boy was it jammed packed! Filled with all those Shoreditch loving, trendy, creatives.
As I entered I was offered a free Brooklyn Lager – way to go with sponsors. Whilst I walked further into this long white room I couldn’t help but twist and turn, looking here and there, up and down, every piece that covered the wall was a master piece, a friend of a friend who dropped by and was also a fellow graphic designer was clearly gob smacked with admiration, and yes, seeing work of such quality just felt like a wake-up slap in the face. A motivation to start working harder again.

But in the meanwhile lets soak up the goodness before us, I took a few wobbly pics, frankly, I wasn’t sure if photography was allowed, no one else was taking pictures, that or they’re way too cool! So I just snapped quite quick and hastily:

Ink & Paper Exhibition Wall
The Black Keys also had a poster there! Apparently they work with different artists often. The Japanese style print on the right was the first one I noticed that sold out.

Ink & Paper exhibition wall
The four posters on the left are by Adam Pobiak, a very talented friend of a friend. His work were definitely some of the best there.

Ink & Paper exhibition wall
Others were simple and quirky!

The posters were all pretty affordable from £10 up, only a few were £30/£40+. I couldn’t decide which to buy, in the end I picked 3 that were rather simple but held my attention most, it was a pretty tough choice, I’d buy more if I could afford to. Of course the thing about these prints were that they don’t do full justice to see them on a computer screen, so I took a close up of each poster just to give another view.

Ink & Paper Stylus Poster
I adore the clean symmetrical shapes and overlapping of colours here.

Ink & Paper Laterns on the Lake Poster
If you look closely at this one you can see all the thoughts and details, every bit has a story. From the textures, lines and two characters in the poster. Even the colour of the paper was chosen to match.

Ink & Paper Lanterns on the Lake Poster

Ink & Paper - Band of Skulls Poster
I saw this one as I was waiting to pay and made a last minute decision to buy it, it looked super cool (not that smoking is cool), I also love the way the font was styled in a dream like way.

It was definitely interesting to view these posters and appreciating them for their design and creativity, not looking at them just because of the band.

There is just one day left for this exhibition! Sunday 12th May, from 11am until 6pm.
Free entry.

The Rag Factory
16-18 Heneage Street
E1 5LJ

More info:

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